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Adjustments And Manipulation

The primary chiropractic treatment for back pain relief is the adjustment, also known as a manual or spinal manipulation. We use the Thompson drop technique for this purpose. This type of adjustment relieves pressure on joints, which will help to reduce joint inflammation, improves nerve function, and improve range of motion. Adjustments have been used since the days of ancient Greece, and today they are still used to treat everything from allergies to headaches to menstrual cramps.

How Do Spinal Adjustments Work?

There are many different types of adjustment techniques that are used by chiropractors throughout the globe. How many? Over 100. The particular style of adjustment is going to depend on the situation and the skills and approach of the chiropractor in question. Some chiropractors use force and twisting, whereas others are more gentle. No matter how a technique is performed, the main goal is the same, to restore proper nervous system function by aligning the vertebra. When a vertebra is out of alignment it doesn't just cause localized joint problems, it causes problems all over the body. When our joints are not properly aligned our nervous system, immune system, and even our congnitive skills cannot function properly.

Using spinal adjustments to keep the body functioning properly is an excellent and proactive approach to taking care of your health. A chiropractor can help to keep the body properly aligned, which will allow maintenance of health.

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Cold Laser Therapy

Is Cold Laser Therapy Right For You?

Recovering is often the toughest part of getting better. Sure, you want to have a clean bill of health and be able to do anything you wish. However, this isn’t always the case, for example, after a spine injury, you want to get better, but you also recognize it’s a long journey. Unfortunately, this discourages most patients when they are recovering from a traumatic experience or violence.

But, what if you could peacefully recover. What if there was a way to eliminate the pain, spasms, swelling, and speed up the healing process? Well, there is a way. This is made possible through cold laser therapy. Just what is cold laser therapy, and how does it impact the healing process? Well, let’s find out.

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Massage Therapy

Independent Massage Therapists On-Site. You will have access to three Licensed Massage Therapists. They offer traditional relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, and Reiki treatments. Each works independently and are fully insured. Cash or check only.

Available for pre and post adjustment massage during regular office hours and by appointment for other hours.

Patti Meier, L.M.T.

Available by appointment and walk-in, time permitting. Patti Accepts cash, checks, credit cards.
Call: 603-660-6537

Jessica Roux, L.M.T.

Available by appointment and walk-in, time permitting. Jessica Accepts cash, checks, credit cards.
Call: 603-260-8731

Stephanie Salvo, Energy Healing / Tuning Forks / Life Coach

Available by appointment and walk-in, time permitting. Stephanie Accepts cash and checks.
Call: 603-217-7837

Beki Essig, LMT (Available by appointment)

I love providing detailed work for my clients, helping to facilitate their own body's innate ability to heal itself and provide relief from the "issues in their tissues," whether they are chronic or acute. 
Call: (480) 234-8095

Yoga Studio/ Exercise Room/Function Room

We have a wonderful Yoga Studio in which we can offer classes for individuals of all ages and abilities.

* No Classes running currently. Do you teach and want a space to start a class?? Contact us

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